an open mobile data collection platform.

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Create Questions

Quickly create sets of surveys to ask your participants. The ohmage platform was built for mobile data collection. It supports simple responses like multi-choice, text and numerical as well as responses with images, video and audio. User responses can automatically include passive data like the GPS location and time that the responses were taken.

Get Participants

Use our tool to create accounts and define a group for your participants. This tool can help you dynamically add and remove participants from your study as well! Parctipants can also create their own accounts, if that's preferred.

Collect Data

After you have launched your surveys, your participants can easily download your surveys on their android or iOS device and start participating. Surveys can even be completed while your participants are offline and uploaded later! You can even monitor their collection activities as they progress.

Android app on Google Play
iOS ohmageX app on App Store

Visualize/Analyze Data

You (and your participants) can visualize and analyze the collected data any time. ohmage provides different interactive tools (i.e. Interactive Dashboard and PlotApp) for you to explore your data. You can also easily export the data for your own statistical analysis.

Get Started Now!

If you're ready to get started, create an account on the free sandbox provided by the NSF-funded UCLA-LAUSD Mobilize project. Browse around and even participate in existing example projects to see how easy it is!

About Us

If you need some help, feel free to contact us via e-mail, support@ohmage.org. ohmage is proud to have a wide-ranging list of both past and present contributors. The full list is below!

  • Technology Co-PIs

    Deborah Estrin, Mark Hansen, Rose Rocchio, Ed Sakabu, Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit, Joshua Selsky

  • Application/Domain Expert Faculty/PIs

    Robert Bilder, Jacqueline Casillas, Scott Comulada, Patricia Ganz, Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus, Ida Sim (UCSF), Fred Sabb, Dallas Swendeman, Michael Swiernik, Robert Gould, Jose Felipe Martinez

  • Staff

    Steve Nolen, Jeroen Ooms, Vinh Pham, Wren Ranolds, Cathy Trance

  • Past Contributors

    Faisal Alquaddoomi, Betta Dawson, Hossein Falaki, Valerie Hajdik, Andy Hsieh, John Jenkins, Cameron Ketcham, Zorayr Khalapyan, Jinha Khang, Donnie Kim, Brent Longstaff, Min Mun, Tai Pham, Katie Shilton, Eric Wang

  • Sponsors and Partners/Collaborators

    UCLA: CENS, GCFC, CHIPTS,JCCC, Statistics, Office of Information Technology
    Cornell: Cornell Tech, WMC CHiP
    Federal Funding: NSF STC Mobilize Project (NSF Award #0962919) and CISE (Cooperative Agreement #CCF-0120778), NIH
    Corporate Funding: Google, Intel iSTC; MSR, Nokia, T-Mobile
    Foundations/NGOs: RWJF, CHCF, CRA