what is ohmage?

ohmage is an open-source participatory sensing technology platform. It supports expressive project authoring; mobile phone-based data capture through both inquiry-based surveys and automated data capture as well as temporally and/or spatially triggered reminders, data visualization and real-time feedback; privacy respecting data management; and extensible data exploration. All captured data are automatically timestamped, geocoded and uploaded for analysis and visualization.

The ohmage app is currently available for Android (2.2+) and iOS devices. While the original ohmage app was developed for the Android platform, the ohmage team has worked closely with UCLA's Mobile Web Framework group to create a lightweight version of the app that is compatible with a broad variety of devices, including iOS devices. All versions are listed for download below.

App Name Platform Download Docs *
ohmage client Android 2.2+ Play Store
ohmage MWF Android client ** Android 2.2+ Play Store
ohmage MWF iOS client ** iPad/iPhone App Store
Mobility client Android 2.2+ Play Store

* = tutorial, = written guide, = frequently asked questions

** the MWF versions currently only support self-report, whereas the ohmage Android client is full-featured, supporting collection of continuous background data streams as well as self-report

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