The entire ohmage platform is open source, so we'd love to have your help extending the project to better fit your purposes! Beyond just extending the core platform, ohmage also has a clearly defined set of APIs that you can use to develop your own frontend visualization tools! Take a look at the existing projects below, our API doc sheet (or just head straight to our github organization) and take a look at some code! Do check out our self-host options so you have a server to develop against! Our vagrant install will leave you with a full-fledged development environment in minutes!

API Documentation

The documentation for our 2.x server APIs can be found on our github wiki.


Server Core

JavaEE-based web application which offers the ohmage 2.x API platform

Native Android app

Native android apk library for ohmage 2.x. Written in java


HTML5 and javascript-based data collection tool which is built for iOS and Android with phonegap, but can also be run from a browser.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign progress tracking tool written with HTML5, javascript and dc.js/d3. Helps project coordinators track the data collection of their participants

Interactive Dashboard

An interactive dashboard written in HTML5, javascript and dc.js/d3 which incorporates the overview first; zoom and filter; details on-demand design pattern.

Plot App

R-based data exploration tool written in HTML5, javascript and uses the opencpu server for data processing. Allows for complex data analysis without requiring technical expertise. Requires opencpu.

Class Setup

Class creation tool in HTML5 and javascript. Catered toward the Mobilize/LAUSD use-case, but enables easy class creation for all.

Campaign Authoring

Interactive campaign creation in HTML5 and javascript. Allows project coordinators to quickly define campaigns, which as the container for surveys, are the cornerstone of the ohmage system.

GWT Web frontend

The classic ohmage 2.x frontend written with Google Web Toolkit. Provides the ability for users to view history of responses as well as lists of classes and campaigns to which they belong.